gear. Ready to play almost anywhere*.

Have gear. Ready to play almost anywhere*.


As a bandleader, I learned a long time ago to always be ready for any kind of gig. I have keyboards, PA’s, amps, microphones, a mixer, booms, and tons of music books. The pic to the left was from my dear cousin Kristen’s wedding in Rehoboth Beach. The wind and sand did not scare me. However, when the tide began to creep in, I did move in closer to the wedding party.

I even have a tux! As a matter of fact, I have two. The occasion calls for a tIMG_3732uxedo about 3 times a year, and as my luck would have it, I could never find all the accessories that go with a tux whenever I needed it so I just bought another. Now, I have a trusty standby. I’ve got two of everything: cumberbun, bowtie, white shirt, slacks and jacket.

IMG_4018Here’s most of my gear loaded up all tidy onto my dolly. I also keep a fan handy because Houston is hot and sometimes the gig is outside.


*so I’ll play ALMOST anywhere. It really just depends on the gig.


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